Tomáš Reindl: Seirénes

Premiere: 2nd September 2020, Studio ALTA

Tomáš Reindl – live electronics, Helena Velická – violoncello, Anna Kellerová – double bass

Seirénes transforms the sounds of the mechanical siren into a meditative harmony that is then taken over by the string instruments. The electronic processing allows Reindl to work with precisely calculated intervals. These arise from a highly specific tuning system known as 7-limit just intonation. A contrast is provided by the noise sequences created by processing originally unwanted sounds of wind captured during the recording of the siren.

Tomáš Reindl (*1971) is not only a composer but also an excellent tabla player. His music steps across genre boundaries, taking inspiration from ancient European and non-European traditions. He works with live electronics, performs on a number of instruments, and also makes use of overtone singing and beatboxing. He is a graduate of the composition department at HAMU, writing a thesis on microtonality in Indian classical music. He studied the tabla with one of the most renowned contemporary masters, Sanju Sahai. He currently teaches ethnomusicology and other subjects at HAMU and regularly performs with his solo project, Omnion.