Michal Nejtek: Graphic Symphony

Premiere: 2nd October 2019, Graphic school Prague

NTS trio (Michal Nejtek – synthesizer / sampler + electronics, Petr Tichý – electronics, Štěpán Smetáček – steel guitar + electronics, Pavel Hora – printing press

This composition, written for the NTS trio, includes sounds produced by printing machines, the school lift, and the school bell. The aim was to “absorb” the sounds of the space and transform them into a composition, not to implant foreign sounds or instruments into the space and create the effect of a “concert”. The musicians aimed to merge with the environment – they are, after all, the labourers of sound, just as the operator of a printing machine is a labourer of the image.

Michal Nejtek (*1977) graduated from the Teplice Conservatory, HAMU in Prague, and JAMU in Brno. He writes symphonic and chamber music, as well as working on stage projects and music for theatre. He has received commissions from festivals, including Donaueschinger Musiktage, Warsaw Autumn, and Prague Spring. He composed an opera, Rules of Good Manners in the Modern World, for the National Theatre in Brno. His pieces have been performed by the Berg Orchestra and Ensemble MoEns, among others. He was the pianist and dramaturg of the Agon Orchestra and frequently collaborates with The Plastic People of the Universe. He is a member of the NTS trio and Michal Pavlíček & Trio. He teaches at the composition department at HAMU and occasionally writes for Harmonie magazine. What he most appreciates in art are truthfulness and originality.