Miroslav Pudlák: Music for Sirens

Premiere: 6th March 2019, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague

Jiří Lukeš – accordion, Monika Čeřovská – French horn, Jiří Genrt – tuba, Petr Studený – electronics

The siren has always fascinated me as a musical sound – it rises from a low E and ends on a slightly flat G sharp. I instantly thought about composing an overture of similar sounds. First, in collaboration with Petr Studený, I created an electronic track rich in harmonics. The musical instruments imitate and highlight what we can hear in these spectra, with the help of a little imagination.

Miroslav Pudlák (*1961) is a Czech composer, musicologist, and researcher. He is a lecturer in music theory at the Institute of Musicology of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, the music faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and New York University in Prague. As a conductor and composer, he has collaborated with the ensembles Agon and MoEns. In 2008, he established Contempuls, an international festival of contemporary music, which he continues to direct. Pudlák is the author of a number of orchestral and chamber pieces, as well as incidental music. His music has been performed at contemporary music festivals in many countries and is published by Arta Records.