Petr Hora: A River Call

Premiere: 7th August 2019, Water Research Institute

Bronislava Smržová a Pavla Radostová – vocals, Josef Hřebík – accordion

A River Call is ambiguous; it can associate a phone call by the river or the symbolic call of the river. It’s a bit of a cliché and should put you in mind of the title of a detective novel or romantic pulp fiction. Although there is a fictional narrative hidden behind the performance, it was created for my own creative psycho-ventilation and entertainment, so it has no place here. However, that leaves all the more space for your own imagination.

Petr Hora (*1981) studied organ and composition at the Teplice Conservatory and then composition at HAMU with Hanuš Bartoň and now Luboš Mrkvička. He has never won any competitions nor has he ever entered any. He is a trained cook and spent a number of years just loitering about! May God grant happiness unto all people, even those who don’t know. The structure of a biography was not adhered to. Howgh.